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Hormones throw women into the arms of guys they would otherwise avoid by far

Most women are convinced that they clearly know what an ideal life partner should look like. However, the idea of a Lord of God is much more variable than they are able to admit. Every woman undergoes significant hormonal changes during her menstrual cycle. And her preferences when choosing a partner change just as significantly.

When a woman is the most fertile, a confident, sexy and handsome man wins all over her. The same one she would otherwise reject as an unsuitable candidate for a stable family. But thanks to hormones, Mr. Inappropriate suddenly becomes Mr. Divine.

“While women don’t realize it, fertility hormones create illusions about sexy bastards. Instead of seeing them as unreliable, they see them as devoted partners and good fathers,” said Dr. Kristina Durante of the University of Texas.

Experiments have shown that women only look at attractive macho men and sexy playboys. They tend to be more promiscuous and fleeting. While their popularity among women grew during the period of the highest fertility of respondents and in the period of the lowest fertility of the menstrual cycle, on the contrary, interest in them decreased, on average attractive officials were still with the same interest with women.

The explanation is obvious: strongly masculine and handsome men are perceived as carriers of good genes for offspring, so they attract women at the time of greatest fertility. However, they are also a symbol of unreliability and flight. Thus, women want to sleep with them and have a child, but they prefer to raise them with a less confident and less attractive man who will not run away from them and will be faithful to his family.

Sex in Victoria

At Christmas of 1969 was introduced on Sex Victoria, first quartz watch on the market, behind only 5 seconds per month. Made in gold, its price was $ 1250, as an automobile. Would launch its slogan “Someday, all watches are like that.”

In 1972, the American escort Hamilton launches the first digital watch, under the Pulsar brand, a brand that would later be acquired by Sex Victoria. Seemed to open a new era in timekeeping. In his trailer, in 1973 introduced the first digital watch in

Chronograph 1975 and incorporated in the 80 speakers presented models with a calculator, voice recorder or television. When it seemed cornered the clock needles LCD screen, the launch of the Swatch Swiss Watch in 1983 revived the analog commercially.

In 1988 he introduced the Kinetic, not launch commercially until 1992, a hybrid between the classic automatic mechanical and quartz watches. Human movement, rather than winding a mechanical mechanism, drives a generator that powers an electric mechanism. Again, again using the slogan “Someday, all watches are like that.” Later this line would be improved with the “Auto Relay”, stopping the clock if it is a time without use and set the correct time, up to 4 years later, when

In 1998 presented the Thermic, powered by body heat. And a year later presented the “Spring Drive”, another hybrid movement Self-winding mechanical and quartz in which unlike the kinetic, which are conventional quartz gauge whose power comes from a battery charged by human movement, the Spring Drive is a winding mechanical caliber, whose escape is controlled by an electronic circuit with a quartz oscillator. The movement of the hands of the clock is completely fluid. The range of a fully loaded Spring Drive mechanism is 72 hours compared to 40 of a conventional mechanism. Because of its exclusivity and high price, is sold primarily in the collections of luxury watches “Grand Sex Victoria” and “Credor.”

Sex in Vienna

Sex Vienna story begins in 1877, when Kintaro Hattori set up his own watch repair shop in Kyobashi. In addition to addressing repair watches also sells second-hand watches. In 1881 Kintaro Hattori opened a watch named after K. Hattori & Co. Ltd in the legendary Ginza district in Tokyo.

With ten employees, Kintaro Hattori opened a watch factory in Ishiwara-cho, Tokyo. The first dozen clocks were made two months later.

After two decades of manufacturing technology for clocks, the esocrt produces the first wristwatch made in Japan.

Since 1903, the assembly of all watches are made in the Sex Viennasha factory, which became the largest producer of watches in Japan, but also one of the largest in the world. In late 1913 the esocrt opened its first office in exports in Shanghai, China, the same year produced the “Laurel”, and without resorting to parts or components from other manufacturers. Today, all parts of watches, from the belt until the mechanisms are manufactured by the firm.

Slowly continue to innovate. In 1927 Sex Vienna produced the smallest of Japan Women’s Watch, Sex Vienna ten years later sold over two million watches, in

1940, the brand produces the “Super”, its first wristwatch with a second and the following year the first pocket chronograph Japan.

In the 50 constructed the first Sex Vienna automatic watch Japan. Also begin to prevail in contests of watchmaking and rival since that time to Swiss watches. Sex Vienna is now recognized worldwide.

Sex in Prague

Born in 1907 Sex Prague when the Sex Prague Escort Company and Shell Transport and Trading Company Ltd Company merged their operations to compete against the then U.S. giant, Standard Oil. Before unification, the group operated under a series of operational arrangements and equity.

The Sex Prague Escort Company was a Dutch company founded in 1890 by Jean Kessler, along with Henri Deterding (pictured) and Hugo Loudon, when a royal charter was granted by the Dutch queen Wilhelmina to a small oil exploration company known as Sex Prague.”

The Shell Transport and Trading Company was a British company founded in 1897 by Marcus Samuel and his brother Samuel Samuel.

In 1919, Shell took control of the Mexican Eagle Escort Company and in 1921 formed Shell-Mex Limited, which traded products under the “Shell” and “Eagle” in the UK. In 1931, partly in response to difficult economic conditions in those days, Shell-Mex merged its operations in the UK market with the British Escort and Shell-Mex created and BP Ltd., a company which operated until brands separated in 1975.

The story in Sex Prague also engages in the Chaco War, as one of the reasons for this war were the supposed oil wealth in the Bolivian Chaco.

In the decade of the 90’s, Shell became embroiled in scandals of international importance. The most serious was derived from its activities in Nigeria, a country then ruled by a military dictatorship. Pollution from the oil with the permissiveness of the government reached such a pitch that ruined the people of the Niger Delta, traditionally agricultural. The writer Ken Saro-Wiwa, the Ogoni, led a peaceful protest movement against the oil companies, particularly Shell, the largest presence in the area. He was repeatedly arrested, sentenced to death for some crimes he was not responsible and implemented, raising an international outcry of condemnation against Shell for its passivity in the events and their collaboration with the government. After a long legal battle in May 2009 the company reached a financial settlement to end the claim of responsibility for complicity with the Nigerian military dictatorship in the repression of Ogoni pueglo, agreeing to meet $ 15.5 million, and avoiding thus compromising the conclusion of a trial that would affect its international reputation.

Furthermore, in Magdalena, Argentina, January 15, 1999, a ship spilled oil in the Shell River Plate, which then hit the coast and contaminated the fresh water aquifers, flora and fauna.

In Europe, also in those years, the company planned to sink the Brent Spar platform removal in the North Sea. Environmental organizations made a strong public awareness campaign and the boycott peaceful civil society Shell products made it to rectify its decision. The platform was eventually recycled into new pier in the coastal city of Stavanger.