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Sex in Victoria

At Christmas of 1969 was introduced on Sex Victoria, first quartz watch on the market, behind only 5 seconds per month. Made in gold, its price was $ 1250, as an automobile. Would launch its slogan “Someday, all watches are like that.”

In 1972, the American escort Hamilton launches the first digital watch, under the Pulsar brand, a brand that would later be acquired by Sex Victoria. Seemed to open a new era in timekeeping. In his trailer, in 1973 introduced the first digital watch in

Chronograph 1975 and incorporated in the 80 speakers presented models with a calculator, voice recorder or television. When it seemed cornered the clock needles LCD screen, the launch of the Swatch Swiss Watch in 1983 revived the analog commercially.

In 1988 he introduced the Kinetic, not launch commercially until 1992, a hybrid between the classic automatic mechanical and quartz watches. Human movement, rather than winding a mechanical mechanism, drives a generator that powers an electric mechanism. Again, again using the slogan “Someday, all watches are like that.” Later this line would be improved with the “Auto Relay”, stopping the clock if it is a time without use and set the correct time, up to 4 years later, when

In 1998 presented the Thermic, powered by body heat. And a year later presented the “Spring Drive”, another hybrid movement Self-winding mechanical and quartz in which unlike the kinetic, which are conventional quartz gauge whose power comes from a battery charged by human movement, the Spring Drive is a winding mechanical caliber, whose escape is controlled by an electronic circuit with a quartz oscillator. The movement of the hands of the clock is completely fluid. The range of a fully loaded Spring Drive mechanism is 72 hours compared to 40 of a conventional mechanism. Because of its exclusivity and high price, is sold primarily in the collections of luxury watches “Grand Sex Victoria” and “Credor.”