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Hormones throw women into the arms of guys they would otherwise avoid by far

Most women are convinced that they clearly know what an ideal life partner should look like. However, the idea of a Lord of God is much more variable than they are able to admit. Every woman undergoes significant hormonal changes during her menstrual cycle. And her preferences when choosing a partner change just as significantly.

When a woman is the most fertile, a confident, sexy and handsome man wins all over her. The same one she would otherwise reject as an unsuitable candidate for a stable family. But thanks to hormones, Mr. Inappropriate suddenly becomes Mr. Divine.

“While women don’t realize it, fertility hormones create illusions about sexy bastards. Instead of seeing them as unreliable, they see them as devoted partners and good fathers,” said Dr. Kristina Durante of the University of Texas.

Experiments have shown that women only look at attractive macho men and sexy playboys. They tend to be more promiscuous and fleeting. While their popularity among women grew during the period of the highest fertility of respondents and in the period of the lowest fertility of the menstrual cycle, on the contrary, interest in them decreased, on average attractive officials were still with the same interest with women.

The explanation is obvious: strongly masculine and handsome men are perceived as carriers of good genes for offspring, so they attract women at the time of greatest fertility. However, they are also a symbol of unreliability and flight. Thus, women want to sleep with them and have a child, but they prefer to raise them with a less confident and less attractive man who will not run away from them and will be faithful to his family.